Sailor Moon R

Game Data: Review Date: June 10, 2021 Release Date: December 29, 1993 Platform: Super Famicom Publisher: Bandai Developer: Angel Genre: Beat ‘Em Up Anecdotes: OK, I went back through the first game and beat stage 1 with each girl to find out their names. Yes, I could have easily just looked them up, but I… Continue reading Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon

Game Data: Review Date: June 5, 2021 Release Date: August 27, 1993 Platform: Super Famicom Developer: Angel Publisher: Angel Genre: Beat ‘Em Up Anecdotes: Well, this is going to be fun. Sailor Moon is a video game I’ve never played until now (hey, I actually thought this was an RPG) that’s based on an anime… Continue reading Sailor Moon

Double Dragon III

Review Date: May 2, 2021 Release Date: February 1, 1991 Platform: NES Publisher: Acclaim Genre: Beat ‘Em Up Anecdotes: Description: I’m not really sure what the plot is, but it has something to do with Marion, who got killed in the previous game, getting captured again. Don’t try to make sense of it. Just beat… Continue reading Double Dragon III

Kung Fu

Review Date: February 6, 2021 Release Date: October 18, 1985 Platform: NES Developer: Irem Genre: Beat ‘Em Up Anecdotes: Not long after Super Mario and Mach Rider, it was time to get a third game, so enter in Kung Fu. Keeping in mind that NO game is too short for an 8 year old and… Continue reading Kung Fu