Sailor Moon

My Japanese is limited to just katakana, which is a phonetic translation of foreign words. The large fonted line says “seramun,” or “Sailor Moon.”

Game Data:

  • Review Date: June 5, 2021
  • Release Date: August 27, 1993
  • Platform: Super Famicom
  • Developer: Angel
  • Publisher: Angel
  • Genre: Beat ‘Em Up

Anecdotes: Well, this is going to be fun. Sailor Moon is a video game I’ve never played until now (hey, I actually thought this was an RPG) that’s based on an anime series I’ve never watched. The only thing I knew going in is that Sailor Moon is a blonde girl. To add to the difficulty, all of the text is in Japanese, which I don’t speak. However, I can translate katakana with the help of a letter chart.

Description: Players choose one of five girls to play as. No matter which girl is chosen, Players will be going through stages Double Dragon style by beating up enemies until a GO symbol appears. Players move forward and do it again until the stage boss is reached.

These are the five girls players can choose. The text says Player Select.


  • While the basics are the same, each girl has a unique attack method. Sailor Moon herself has a short ranged attack. The yellow skirted girl has a whip. The purple hair/red skirt girl kicks enemies. The remaining two use punches. Being able to select which one to play as is a major plus.
  • The settings are interesting. Stage 2 has an amusement park in the background, but then the action moves inside where there are giant stacks of burger buns in the background.


  • I really wish the girls’ names would appear at the start. I have no idea who is who and the only time the name appears is after beating a stage. I already knew Sailor Moon, and I got one other name translated, but I don’t know if I have the desire to learn the rest yet.


This is cool. Each kid gets her own spotlight introduction. This game is just silly fun.
I don’t know what that thing is, but Sailor Moon just whacked it in the head.
It’s always a good idea to eat a piece of cake that was just sitting in the street.
If Sailor Moon hides behind a clock, would that mean it’s time for a lunar eclipse?
I got the line “Clear Time: 0624,” and I think the word Damage is below that, but the rest I can’t get. That D can’t be good, though.
Sailor Moon has a huge height advantage over that woman. It is also possible for a train to be on the track. I also like the amusement park background.
Sailor Moon had her turn; now it’s time for someone else, so I picked this girl. I don’t know her name yet, as the text still says Sailor Moon.
Red skirt can kick! She’s going to give enemies the boot.
I had assumed that the top line just said Sailor Moon, but after looking closer, I saw the last two characters (excluding the dash) are different. It says “seramazu.” Sera is Sailor, so now I just had to figure out “mazu.” U is often silent, so I came up with Mays or Maize. It’s not a long A, though, so maybe Ma’s or mass. After sounding out Ma’s a few times, an R just slipped out. Her name is Sailor Mars. I’m guessing the rest will have astronomical names, too.
Sailor Mars grabs a monster by the neck. Notice the roller coaster in the back. Nice attention to detail.
What’s with the giant stack of burger buns back there?
Sailor Mars can also do whatever this is.
I guess I have to fight a Sailor Moon palette swap?
She wins. Let’s try another character real quick.
I call her Yellow Skirt. I think her real name is Simona Belmont.

Final Opinion: This game combines a gritty concept with silly characters and settings. Being able to choose between five characters helps out a lot, too. Play this and enjoy the silliness.

Grade: B

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