Kung Fu

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting…

Review Date: February 6, 2021

Release Date: October 18, 1985

Platform: NES

Developer: Irem

Genre: Beat ‘Em Up

Anecdotes: Not long after Super Mario and Mach Rider, it was time to get a third game, so enter in Kung Fu. Keeping in mind that NO game is too short for an 8 year old and his two younger brothers, this game took us a while to finish. We didn’t discover the game looped for years. Generally, we got stuck on the bosses, but all that junk flying around in stage 2 didn’t help. We found the symbols on the ceiling a nice touch, but did not realize those were Japanese numbers until we were adults. We can thank Nintendo Power for the 5,000 point trick, but it didn’t help with the bosses. The Black Magician gave us the most trouble while Mr. X himself was laughably easy.

Oh, the fourth floor. If the bees didn’t get Thomas, the Black Magician (right) did.

Description: Players can choose from games A or B, but the only major difference is that Thomas has better defense in game A. He can take more hits. In both games, Thomas has to battle his way up five floors of enemies to rescue Sylvia. Mr. X has her all tied up on the fifth floor. Thomas will have to climb all five floors, battling Grippers, Tom Toms, Knife Throwers, bosses, and non-human obstacles along the way. In the first loop , enemies clear out when Thomas is facing bosses, but in any other scenario, enemies keep coming until Thomas reaches the stairs.

Uh, Mr. X isn’t around; couldn’t Thomas just untie Sylvia right now?

Positives: Although short, the even floors have parts without Grippers and Knife Throwers, changing the obstacles to other things. While somewhat difficult, everything in the game, once it appears, acts in a predictable pattern, so getting by is just a matter of execution. The first four bosses fit their levels well enough. The Stick Man took a break from craps to easily lose to you, the Boomerang Thrower is simply just players learning how to avoid the boomerangs, the guy on floor 3 who looked like our neighbor was actually a challenge, and the Black Magician on floor 4 ended lots of games. Then there is the fifth floor, featuring the fight with…

..the guy on the left…

Negatives: …Mr. X. What a joke he was. Duck and kick a few times and wave him good bye. At times, the game will ambush you with Knife Throwers on both sides and create an inescapable trap.

More Screenshots:

It’s not too often that craps dealers decide to beat you with the stick. No bets allowed on that six symbol behind him. SEVEN OUT!
And there are the little Tom Toms. They can somersault onto Thomas’ head.
This guy is a head taller and clearly bigger. He asked me how to spell Fu, I said F U, and he kicked me in the face.

Grade: B

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