Kung Fu 2

Review Date: May 11, 2021

Release Date: September 27, 1991

Platform: NES

Publisher: Irem

Genre: Beat ‘Em Up

Anecdotes: I know my readers, and I asked both of them what they knew about Kung Fu 2. Neither even knew this sequel existed. Heck, I didn’t even know it existed until I saw a longplay of it on YouTube.

Description: Jonny is out to take a closer look at the drug problem corrupting his area. He has to battle through various area in order to reach the kingpin himself.


-Outside of one detail, the game remains very faithful to the original. The name change from Thomas to Jonny is lampshaded instead of ignored. Jonny can do all of the same moves as were available in the first game and the controls are identical. There are even new moves, but I never used them.

-Although there’s new scenery, the game avoids Double Dragon’s control problems by keeping the game two-dimensional. Jonny can’t move up or down, so that frees up those buttons to allow Jonny to jump or duck. It also allows crouching punches or kicks, and, like the first game, the crouching kick is very useful against bosses.


-I played easy mode and I beat this game in less than 20 minutes without a single game over. I also didn’t use any savestates, rewinds, or walkthroughs. I have never played this game before. I can’t remember a game I played start to finish for the first time and never saw a game over. Easy was an understatement.

-What happened to Sylvia? Nowhere in the game is she ever mentioned.


Oh, yeah, deep discussion is going on here.
This guy in purple is sitting there pretending to read a newspaper, then he jumps out and attacks with a sword. Nice try, dude.
Flamey Joe? Is that what happens if Sloppy Joes get burnt?
That’s Chin I’m fighting, and he’s very similar to the Black Magician from the first game.
I don’t even know what to say here. I’ve never seen the words circus and drugs in the same sentence before.
Maybe it’s just me, but fighting on top of a moving plane isn’t the best idea.
That’s what was missing in the first game: women.
This is “Dark Manor,” but hot pink floors, sunlight shadows, and a swimming pool don’t exactly scream dark. Anyway, this woman is the boss.
Of course not. The plot doesn’t call for it.
That’s Shi Son, but he looks and acts just like Mr. X.

Final Opinion: The game was a lot of fun to play, but it’s way too short for a 1991 game. I expect to be playing at least an hour.

Grade: B

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