Review Date: March 12, 2021 Release Date: November 1, 1987 Platform: NES Genre: ? Anecdotes: I remember going into my brothers’ room and watching them play this game in there. I would hover around like a shark, but the game never really hooked me in. They didn’t know what they were doing, so I thought… Continue reading Jaws

The Goonies

Review Date: February 17, 2021 Release Date: February 21, 1986 (Japan date; game was never released in the US) Platform: NES Publisher: Konami Genre: Linear Platformer Anecdotes: I’ve moved on from the NES launch. I’m up to 1986, when Nintendo starting opening itself up to titles from other companies. I’ll be getting into some excellent… Continue reading The Goonies

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

Review Date: January 23, 2021 Release Date: December Something, 1982 (I’m just phoning in this performance) Platform: Atari 2600 Genre: Action Adventure, allegedly Anecdotes: Occasionally, my aunt (not the mother of the earlier mentioned cousins) would throw family parties just to show off the grand record collection that filled an entire closet. However, what do… Continue reading E.T. the Extra Terrestrial