Friday the 13th

Question: How does a game that is named after a single calendar date take place over three days?

Review Date: April 10, 2021

Release Date: February 1, 1989

Platform: NES

Publisher: LJN

Genre: Horror

Anecdotes: This is another game in the “throw it in the NES and see what we can do” category. This game only got played when one brother got to choose a game for another to play. Friday the 13th had two effects: the brother that chose the game got bored and left the room, and the brother playing got fed up with it and shut the Nintendo off. All three of us hated this game, and amazingly, I never figured out how it even got in our collection. I think one of the friends that came over just left it with us because he didn’t want it either.

Description: The counselors at Camp Crystal Lake are getting attacked by Jason. It’s up to these kids to put a stop to it.

Positives: I really like the passage of time and using different palettes for day and night. I also like the mapping system and how easy it is to get around. No matter which loop the counselor is on, the camera is always on the outside of it, so going left will always be clockwise, while going right will always be baserunning order. Up leads to the inner loops; down leads to the outer loop.

They couldn’t get the bottom of the girls’ boxes on screen?

Negatives: While it’s great that the map makes it easy to know where I’m going, I still have no idea where I should be going or why I’m going there. It’s all just aimless wandering. I’d assume I’m looking for Jason because there don’t seem to be any subbosses or subplots. While I’m looking for whatever, this grating music plays in the background. I have a bad headache now.

More Screenshots:

I’ll give the game credit for this: the lake scenery looks good.
This must be a scary place; the water turns purple at sunset.
Knowing this camp, I’d stand no closer than 1 mile from that fire.
It’s already night, and I got nothing accomplished during the day. It’s like I work in Congress.
Needless to say, Jason wiped the floor with Crissy.

Final Opinion: I would rather watch an episode of Teletubbies than play this game again.

Grade: D

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