Information: Review Date: July 5, 2021 Release Date: December 19, 1996 Platform: SNES (or the equivalent of it in EspaƱa) Publisher: Enix Developer: Enix Genre: Adventure Anecdotes: As I scour the globe to find all sorts of games to play, I had to dive in to some games that never reached the United States in… Continue reading Terranigma

Super Mario 64

Information: Review Date: July 4, 2021 Release Date: September 29, 1996 Platform: Nintendo 64 Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Nonlinear Platformer Anecdotes: Super Mario finally picks up the third dimension in its platformers. This was a game my little cousins all enjoyed, but I never had it and never played it. I did occasionally watch… Continue reading Super Mario 64

Super Mario RPG

Information: Review Date: July 3, 2021 Release Date: May 13, 1996 Platform: SNES Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Square Genre: RPG Description: Remember the plot from the platformers? It’s exactly the same. Positives: I’m actually impressed that they found a way to turn a series of platformers into an RPG. They took a good amount of the… Continue reading Super Mario RPG

Resident Evil

Information: Review Date: July 1, 2021 Release Date: March 30, 1996 (!) Platform: PlayStation Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Genre: Horror Anecdotes: I hate the jerks at Capcom. Ok, now that that’s out of my system, let’s dive in to Resident Evil. This game, released on my birthday in 1996, marks both a departure from what… Continue reading Resident Evil

SimCity 2000

Information: Review Date: June 30, 2021 Release Date: January 1, 1996 Platform: SNES Publisher: Maxis Developer: Maxis Genre: Simulation Anecdotes: This is another game that’s making me seriously consider using a “Disappointing Sequels” tag. For some reason, there are a lot of these. I understand having to make some changes to set it apart from… Continue reading SimCity 2000