Duck Hunt

It’s time for some fowl play.

Review Date: February 9, 2021

Release Date: October 18, 1985

Platform: NES

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Zapper

Anecdotes: Aw, yeah. My dad finally splurged for the Zapper and a game to go with it, so we got Duck Hunt. This game really quacked us up. First, there was the dog, who we enjoyed shooting more than the ducks, and second, we naturally didn’t follow the suggested rules. No, for us, it was running up to within an inch of the screen to shoot. We didn’t trust the gun. And for those wondering, we bought the NES at launch. Duck Hunt was NOT packed in with the console at that time.

Description: Shoot the ducks. Players get three shots at each duck, pair of ducks, or pair of clay pigeons, depending on the mode chosen. Players must meet or exceed the number of successfully shot ducks or clay pigeons to advance to the next round.

Game B, ducks in a V formation?

Positives: This is a fun game to play with others. Players can compete for points or to reach the highest level. The difficulty increases by having the ducks fly faster and in more erratic patterns. It’s a fair game that allows players to get through 10 rounds rather easily before it cranks up the difficulty. Unlike Summer Games, the skeet shooting is well designed and fun to play. Targets are easier to see and stay on the screen long enough to be hit.

This is Game C, which is an enjoyable game of precision.

Negatives: I CAN’T SHOOT THE DOG. Also, solo play gets really boring fast.

I missed too many ducks, and that dog is just quacking up at me.

More Screenshots:

What is this dog sniffing around for?
I had a great run, falling just short of 400,000 points.

Grade: C

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