Summer Games

Review Date: February 2, 2021

Release Date: Unknown date in 1984, but I could presume it was before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Platform: Atari 800

Developer: Epyx

Genre: Sports

Great idea to set the torch right in the middle of the stadium…must have scared those birds away.
Seeing this over and over will make you flip.


Anecdotes: I was a bit young to see the 1984 Olympics, but this game really piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I had to wait until 1988 to see and fully appreciate them. As a child, the Calgary and Seoul Olympics enthralled me. This game made me want to watch, although I was surprised at the differences the real thing had.

I took a nap during geography class. What continent is the country of Epyx on, again?


Description: Summer Games is, in a way, eight games in one. Eight events were used:

  1. Pole Vault: A bar is set 4 to 5 meters off the ground. The vaulter simply just needs to clear it without knocking it over.
  2. Diving: It’s the 10 meter platform, and the judges hate me. Interestingly, the event is outdoors.
  3. 400m Relay: This is a track event where four identical guys take turns running.
  4. 100m Dash: It’s the same as #3, but only one runner.
  5. Gymnastics: It’s only the Vault, though. Nice to see some female representation.
  6. Freestyle Relay: Four men each swim a lap up and down the pool.
  7. 100m Freestyle: It’s the same as #6, but only one swimmer. He will swim to the other end and back.
  8. Skeet Shooting: Targets are flown into the air. The object is to shoot them.
They didn’t like my dive? LOL at judge #6!
I don’t know what I did differently here, but the judges liked it!


Positives: There are six different sports represented here, with a second discipline in swimming and track. The variety is nice. I also appreciate that Epyx didn’t turn this into a button masher like other games of the genre. Constantly hitting the fire button won’t help.

Outside of the colors chosen for the gym, the game’s graphics look good. I’m impressed with the attention to detail shown when designing the backgrounds. The torch lighting has the pole vault behind it, although the torch itself is in an illogical place. Diving, set outside for some reason, has nicely drawn clouds in the background. Gymnastics has the floor exercise mat on screen. In track, the other side of the track is clearly visible. Most events’ crowds have the random colors a crowd would have.

Pretty good graphics for 1984. I’d just reduce those schnozzes a bit, though.


And she runs off proud of her 3.1!

Negatives: If it wasn’t obvious already, I really don’t like having to constantly flip the disk to keep playing. It’s an annoying mechanic, and if it had to be both sides, they could have organized it better. The skeet shooting seems quite difficult, even impossible at times. I didn’t care for the swimming events, either. Finally, gymnastics is really only the vault, which I assume is due to technical limitations, but the arena has a dreary look to it.


Grade: B

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