Alisia Dragoon

Review Date: May 20, 2021

Release Date: March 30, 1992 (!)

Platform: Sega Genesis

Publisher: Sega/Game Arts

Genre: Linear Platformer

Description: Alisia, equipped with a lightning shooter, has to traverse 8 stages of platforming action.

Positives: Alisia is armed with a lightning shooter that can fry enemies. What’s nice about it is that the only aiming Alisia has to do is facing the direction of the target, and in rare cases, even that’s not needed.

As typed below, Alisia is a one and done heroine. Once she dies, it’s game over with NO continues or extra lives. However, the game does put some mitigating things in. There are items that can add to maximum health out there, but more importantly, there are tons of health refill items scattered around.

Negatives: I must say I’m impressed. This game took all of the flaws of Sonic the Hedgehog and El Viento, and didn’t fix any of them. Alisia has one life. There are no continues or extra lives. The stage select mode is even more complicated than the one in Sonic.


I think I’ll just zap everything in the vicinity.
I’m a “Worm” Master! Yay.
My dinosaur is dead, if that even matters for anything.
Bring it on.
Alisia decided to wade around for something to happen.

Final Opinion: Maybe there’s a lot better stuff in the later stages, but I got sick of repeating things over and over. At least I could consistently get through stage one, unlike the other Genesis platformers. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Grade: C

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