Dragon Quest III

Review Date: May 19, 2021

Release Date: March 12, 1992

Platform: NES

Publisher: Enix

Genre: RPG

Anecdotes: I got about halfway through Dragon Quest and hated the game. I got a decent amount into II, which was an improvement, but still not the greatness I had heard the series is. I didn’t complete either game. The first was completed because I was bored out of my mind. II was not completed because I could not figure out where to go next. III was not finished either, but this was just because I didn’t have the time. I got more enjoyment out of this game than the first two combined.

Description: I honestly wish I knew. It appears we’re just going around doing quests for people, but I think there’s a lot more to it. For those wondering why I didn’t just look it up, well, I felt this would be the type of game I’d try spoiler free. All I can say is that I tried.


  • The hero is fixed into his or her role, but the rest of the party can be formed in any way players wish. There are six roles to choose from, but only three spots to fill. This makes for 56 possible combinations, each of which has its own flaws and benefits.
  • I do find it very interesting that the world map strongly resembles the Earth. The whole world gets represented, and some of the names for those areas are references to their real world counterparts.
  • Enix decided to add in day/night cycles for this game. The transitions are nicely done and the inns always reset things to the morning. Night mode didn’t appear to have any major differences, but it helps sell the passage of time.


  • The series graphically hasn’t evolved at all since the first game. The sprites nearly all look the same as before. The fonts in the data and text boxes hasn’t been updated at all. Players still have to find kings to save. At least the Old English has been mostly removed.


No problem. My party is waiting over at Denny’s for a Hero to come find them.
This is my party: Mateo, Mandy, Megan, and Monty. Megan will do the healing while the other three handle the offense.
Night fell on my party. I enjoyed that addition to the game.
We’re taking on the killer ‘shrooms. They’re not really fun guys.
Hey, look, it’s a boss battle!
That’s a good idea. Then I can be wonderful all the time.
This guy and his foul language can go…..oh, wait, that says elfin. Never mind.
Four people cross a random bridge in a straight line.
A skeleton stops by to chit chat.
We just barge into Sabrina’s room and she spills this gossip for us.
Wait, we’re going on a quest to find table pepper?!?!? Yeah, I’m going to be salty about that.

Final Opinion: This is a lot better than the first two games. There’s a job system in place and the grinding has been cut down to a manageable level.

Grade: B (up to the pepper quest)

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