Paperboy 2

Extra! Extra!

Review Date: May 21, 2021

Release Date: April 1, 1992

Platform: NES

Publisher: Tengen

Genre: ???

Description: Paperboy or Papergirl has to deliver newspapers to subscribers while dodging all sorts of other nonsense going on in or near the street.


-It was nice of Tengen to add the option to play as a Papergirl. Essentially, all it does is change the main sprite and a tiny amount of the text.

-The blocks are once again divided by a street, but it changes direction after the cross street. To make sure it’s possible to complete, the developers added the ability to throw papers in either direction using Section Z type controls. The papers can be thrown in either direction at any time, so when those annoying dogs get on the wrong side of the bicyclist, they can still be hit.


-The biggest error Tengen made is that they removed the music that was so catchy in the first game. Instead, there’s a more generic theme here that doesn’t quite hit the mark like the first one did.


This is Easy Street, where people can life the simple life.
I guess those 3 AM games of tag will come to an end, then.
Paperboy was too busy watching the couple on the hammock and he didn’t see that random hand reach out for the sewer cover.
Paperboy failed; let’s see what Papergirl can do.
Blame the Paperkids for that.
Papergirl did a little better, but not much.
Well, she got fired, too. Why that makes the news, though, is a good question.

Final Opinion: All of the things that made the first game good were retained, except for the music. Paperboy 2 is good, but nothing special.

Grade: B

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