Blaster Master

Review Date: April 3, 2021 (It’s 4-3-2-1, blast off!!) Release Date: November 1, 1988 Platform: NES Publisher: Sunsoft Genre: Linear Platformer Anecdotes: I had already mentioned this game in previous reviews of Sunsoft games because it was evident to me that Sunsoft learned from their earlier games what worked and what didn’t. The catacombs of… Continue reading Blaster Master

Freedom Force

Review Date: March 27, 2021 Release Date: April 1, 1988 Platform: NES Developer: Sunsoft Genre: Zapper Anecdotes: By time the other set of cousins had an NES, the system had now included the Zapper and Duck Hunt with it. Those cousins had an odd set of games, but didn’t have a lot of them. While… Continue reading Freedom Force

Wing of Madoola

Review Date: February 25, 2021 Release Date: December 18, 1986 (Japan date; Japan only release) Platform: NES Famicom Publisher: Sunsoft Genre: Linear Platformer with RPG elements Anecdotes: Having just played Super Mario 2 and Lum’s Wedding Bell, I’m a little worried about what’s next on the Japan exclusive list. Super Mario 2 was difficult to… Continue reading Wing of Madoola