Excitebike 64

Information: Review Date: July 22, 2021 Release Date: April 30, 2000 Platform: Nintendo 64 Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Racing Anecdotes: Excitebike had a sequel?!?!? Why have I never heard of it? Description: This is the classic Excitebike game updated for the technology of 2000. It’s dirt bike racing at its finest. Positives: First off,… Continue reading Excitebike 64

Midtown Madness

Information: Review Date: July 17, 2021 Release Date: April 30, 1999 Platform: PC Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Angel Genre: Racing Anecdotes: Ok, I have NEVER heard of Angel Studios before this year. This is the third game of theirs I have played, and I’ve had a blast with them. I think part of that is how… Continue reading Midtown Madness

Game of Life

Information: Review Date: July 15, 2021 Release Date: September 30, 1998 Platform: PlayStation Publisher: Hasbro Developer: Hasbro Genre: Board Game Anecdotes: Back in my Monopoly writeup, I had talked about playing family board games and the age old tradition of the brother cheating and game ending board flips. This is Life, though, which doesn’t produce… Continue reading Game of Life

Twisted Metal

Information: Review Date: June 27, 2021 Release Date: November 5, 1995 Platform: Sony PlayStation Publisher: Sony Developer: SingleTrac Genre: Combat Anecdotes: All right, humans, I’ve reached a transition point. I’m also moving on to the fifth generation of gaming, and doing this project has shown me how things have evolved over the years. We came… Continue reading Twisted Metal


Information: Writeup Date: June 22, 2021 Game’s Date of Birth: June 5, 1995 Console: SNES Publisher: Nintendo Creator: Ape Genre: RPG Anecdotes: Looking at Twitter, it appears there is a demand there for Earthbound to hit the Switch. Nintendo posted an update with the new games that were added to the library, but Earthbound wasn’t… Continue reading Earthbound