Twisted Metal

Keep it twisted.


  • Review Date: June 27, 2021
  • Release Date: November 5, 1995
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Developer: SingleTrac
  • Genre: Combat

Anecdotes: All right, humans, I’ve reached a transition point. I’m also moving on to the fifth generation of gaming, and doing this project has shown me how things have evolved over the years. We came from 4 bit games such as Street Racer or Combat to a new take on the Combat concept on Sony’s PlayStation. That said, I still have five more Super Nintendo games to cover, as it wasn’t completely dead in 1995 and 1996.

Going forward, there will be lots of PlayStation games from all five consoles. Nintendo will still get plenty of representation, going all the way up to the Switch. There will be a few PC games. I have two Android phone games I want to cover (clues: one’s a blast and the other I wasn’t going to let slide).

Anyway, I need to return to the topic at hand: Twisted Metal. My brother and (for a brief time) stepbrother (who will NEVER be mentioned again) sat around playing this game all day and all night for practically the entire summer. I have images of that floating around my brain somewhere. I didn’t play it much, but I’m giving it a try now. It’s making me wonder how the boys got so much enjoyment out of this title. It’s not that deep.

Description: Twisted Metal is essentially Combat 20 years later. Two vehicles are placed in an arena with the sole intention of destroying each other until one isn’t operable anymore. Players can choose from 12 vehicles.


  • I like the variety of vehicles offered here. The options included motorcycles, trucks, vans, cars, and others. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t throw a motor home in there or a boat on wheels. That was great in itself, but SingleTrac wasn’t done there. They also gave each vehicle a driver, a name, and a description.


  • Obviously, playing as vehicles, they’re going to be tough to move. The biggest problem I had was that once a car got behind me, it was staying there. It basically just followed me and wiped me out a few times.


A giant van with a deranged clown head on top that shoots ice cream cones? Sign me up!
That failed. I better go check the controls.
OK, I figured it out, then cleared the arena battle. Let’s go find Thumper.
As a big fan of road signs, I can appreciate a well placed stop sign.
It’s time to try another vehicle. I’m now Outlaw and about ready to ram Spectre.
For a change of pace, here’s a live shot of Chicago.
I’m in bad shape. Darkside is right there, too.
This isn’t going to end well.

Final Opinion: I can see why this game would be fun.

Grade: B

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