Final Fantasy III

Review Date: April 21, 2021 Release Date: April 27, 1990 Platform: NES Famicom Publisher: Squaresoft Genre: RPG Anecdotes: It’s quite the travesty that the original version of this game never made it to North America. Of the three NES titles, this one is easily the best. Many of the traditions that define the Final Fantasy… Continue reading Final Fantasy III

Gradius II

Review Date: March 25, 2021 Release Date: March 24, 1988 (apparently, this went unreleased in NA at the time) Platform: NES Developer: Konami Genre: Shooter Anecdotes: About a month ago, I played the first Gradius game. I hated it. I was not enjoying it and only got to the third level. I got frustrated with… Continue reading Gradius II