Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

No. Just no.

Release Date: May 15, 2021

Release Date: November 28, 1991 (I question that date, though. Thanksgiving Day doesn’t seem like a good release date.)

Platform: SNES

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Linear Platformer

Anecdotes: I played Ghosts ‘N Goblins as a kid, and I had beaten every stage at one point or another, but I used the stage select and was never able to do all of them in one playthrough. It was difficult, but Arthur had spots where he could take it easy. I figured Capcom would ease it up a bit to make the game more fun. Man, I was wrong. Way wrong.

Description: Arthur blah blah blah something something something…I really don’t care what the plot is if I can’t get past a point where it changes from the NES game. It’s probably just garbage like the gameplay is.

Positives: None. This game sucks.

Negatives: When I use up 27 lives trying to get through stage 1 because there are 10,000 enemies coming from all directions, I can conclude that this game is too difficult. There’s no way to get any enjoyment out of this steaming pile of trash. In 26 of those lives, I just got clobbered by excessive enemies. In the remaining one, Arthur got buried under a tidal wave. At no point did I ever reach a checkpoint. I had to keep starting over from the beginning, so there was never ANY feeling of progress. There was no enjoyment and no progress. It’s a complete waste of time.


I don’t know what’s happening here, but it seems innocent enough…
…Until the devil breaks in through the window and takes her away for some reason.
Look at all those levels I never got to see.
Ok, the graphics are good. I’ll give them that.
At this point, the sane player would stop playing. I, though, went on two more times before I rage quit.

Final Opinion: Take this game and throw it in the dumpster. Players that don’t own this game will be glad they don’t.

Grade: F

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