Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

It’s Super BS 1.000!

Review Date: May 16, 2021

Release Date: December 1, 1991

Platform: SNES

Publisher: Culture Brain

Genre: Sports

Anecdotes: Yeah, here we go. My two brothers and I each formed teams in the Ultra League. I was always AL, short for Alley Cats, using a combination of male and female names, taken from pop culture and people I knew. My middle brother would make a team of MLB players. My youngest brother was a bit of a wild card.

For this playthrough, though, I made myself the ultimate player with maxed out numbers. I hit cleanup. The odd positions in the batting order were named after female wrestlers while the rest of the evens were male wrestlers. The men were given power; the women were given speed. As for the pitchers, see below.

There’s my pitching staff on the right.

My star pitcher is Iesha, named after an Another Bad Creation song. She’s a star that can curve the ball however she wants, but it does lead to a lot of hit batters. Her Spiral Ball can go all over the place, yet it can cross the plate and turn toward first. Homer and Lousa (say loser with an east coast accent) are just bad pitchers with bad pitcher names. Anony(mous) is so bad that he didn’t want his name used. Alia is decent but can’t hold a candle to Iesha. Berwyn (No the name is Kerwyn) is the closer and the second best pitcher on the staff.

I’ll accept beanballs as long as Iesha keeps leading the league in strikeouts.

Description: It’s baseball, but with a giant twist called the Ultra League. Batters, fielders, and pitchers in the Ultra League gain the ability to use Ultra Plays, which are intentionally unrealistic moves to make the game fun. For example, Earthquake balls shake the ground with they hit it. Bomb hits explode with the ball contact the ground or a fielder. A Snake Hit zigzags up the field.

Iesha gave up 2 in the first. Mandy, my female alter ego, leads off with the impossible to defend Missile hit.

Positives: The Ultra Plays are a whole lot of fun. There’s a little of everything, including explosions, fielders pushed against the wall, shadowless shots, hops that change directions, etc. There are tons of fun things to do. The game also has six stadiums to choose from and allows players to edit and save teams. Nearly everything in the game has options, so replaying it can be fun. Playing this with another person is quite joyful.

Here comes the 185 mph fast ball. Strike 2. I never saw any official word on what SSFB stands for, so I call it a Super Sonic Fast Ball.

Negatives: The only negative here is that the Ultra fielding plays are nearly useless. The Ultra throw requires precise timing and the Ultra jump is just simply guesswork.

Three innings complete, but the Alley Cats trail 2-1.


Hitting a two run shot into the Harbor helps.
Alexa hit a squiggling liner to third to keep the inning alive.
The seventh inning is always “Lucky 7” in this game, but I’m not sure what that means.
Maybe it’s more power, because this shot was hit so far that it’s above the top of the screen.
It was a tough ninth inning, but the Alley Cats hung on for the win.

Final Opinion: This game is a whole lot of fun and tons of things are customizable. Whether players want normal baseball or crazy Ultra baseball, the option is there.

Grade: A

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