Mario Paint

Calling this title a game is a stretch.

Review Date: May 23, 2021

Release Date: August 1, 1992

Platform: SNES

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Creation

Anecdotes: While hanging out in the city with some other humans, we’d be finding all sorts of things to do outside, kind of like a daycamp. It was getting later in the season, so the sun was going down earlier. Nobody there cared. We’d just play out in the dark, anyway. It took a driving rain storm, lightning, and a tornado warning to get us inside. While inside, I saw they had a Super Nintendo, but the only game they appeared to have was Mario Paint. We played Mario Paint for hours, despite the fact there is little to do in this game.

Description: Really, there are three modes in this title. The main one is just a blank canvas where players can draw anything they want. The only limits are the tools available. The second is a composer function that starts with a blank staff. Players can make songs out of various sounds. A lot of those efforts can be found on YouTube. The third is a flyswatter minigame that’s there to play when players get bored with the other modes.

Positives: One nice thing about this title is that it never gets too complicated or overwhelming. There are 16 colors and a handful of designs and patterns. Tiles are broken down into 16 by 16 blocks and players can create their own by decided which color each pixel will be.

Negatives: It’s really easy to get bored with this if players aren’t artists in some form. There just isn’t enough here to keep people interested and most will probably shut it off after 15 minutes.


Doom do do doom SHA doom doom doom Mario Paint!
I wrote a note to the staff, but they said to beat it.
I’m just going to mail in this performance. I shall blame the bizarre music.

Final Opinion: This title just doesn’t hold my attention at all. I get bored with it really quickly. I can, however, see the appeal for people more artistic than me, so I’m scoring this up the middle.

Grade: C

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