Dragon Quest V

Game Data:

  • Review Date: May 27, 2021
  • Release Date: October 1, 1992 (OK, this date is a lie, but I couldn’t put V’s release before IV’s)
  • Platform: SNES Super Famicom
  • Publisher: Enix
  • Developer: Enix
  • Genre: RPG

Anecdotes: I’m sorry, Dragon Quest fans. I have not been able to play the games fully from end to end and I have only evaluated the starts of the game. Unfortunately, I’ve only played the first few hours of V, too. It’s hard to give the game a fair review, but from what little I have seen, this game is far better in nearly every way to the games that preceded it.

Description: The Hero starts off as a child following around his dad from town to town, yet the kid seems to have plenty of time to sneak off on his own. There are more adventures that I having gotten to yet, but this game was interesting, so I am likely to pick it back up, maybe even rereview it.


  • I liked Bianca from the moment I first saw her. She reminded me so much of the girl that lived next door to me when I was little. We were close friends and constantly went back and forth between our two houses. Unfortunately, she moved out when we were 6, but I have many positive memories of her, even at such a young age. I saw that girl in Bianca right away. The moment when she got bored with the adults’ conversation and took the Hero into another room was very reminiscent of those days.
  • Thankfully, Enix finally was able to streamline opening doors and chests. The Search and Door commands still appear in the menu, for those used to that method, but now the L and R buttons can be used for either command. Either button works for either command. It’s a nice shortcut and it was long overdue.


  • Bianca not only left the party after the ghostbusting mission, but she replaced herself with a cat. My party after that was a child not old enough to read, a cat, and a ghost. I’m not sure how that works. I really hope Bianca returns later in the game. My guess is that she does, as she feels like an important character, but I don’t know. Please don’t spoil that for me.


First, the dad’s name is Papas. How clever. Second, what kind of man is unaware that his wife just gave birth to their child?
I can’t read that, either. Let me go find another book.
Wait, I can’t read, either?!?! Forget it, Bianca. Let’s just grab the crayons.
Papas should be here any minute, then.
The jokes write themselves in this game.
Bianca rightfully get upset with those people kicking around a cat. Bianca is awesome.
Shouldn’t “sweet breath” come out of the other end?
Good. Now let’s free that cat from those abusive humans.
Anyway, Bianca’s gone, the cat joined me, and a ghost tagged along soon after. Then we all ended up here.
And now we fight one eyed apples with sinister grins. What a world.

Final Opinion: With likable characters and grinding reduced to a manageable level, plus having two commands set to hotkeys, this game is a winner so far.

Grade: B (early game only)

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