Chrono Trigger

It’s time to pull the trigger.

Game Data:

  • Review Date: June 21, 2021
  • Release Date: March 11, 1995
  • Platform: SNES
  • Publisher: Square
  • Developer: Square
  • Genre: RPG

Anecdotes: Way back when, I brought Final Fantasy Chronicles for the PlayStation. However, I bought for FF4 so I could play all of the FF games from 1 to 9 on the PlayStation. Of course, Square ruined that anyway by NEVER EVER releasing 3 for it, so that never happened. Chrono Trigger just sat in the case as I just ignored it. Then, as I was typing this, I went to check out my Brady Games guide for FF4, and it has a guide for Chrono Trigger on the flip side. I feel so bad now. I’ve had the game and the guide all these years and never paid any attention to them.

Description: Crono leads a party (so far, it’s him, two women, and a frog) on an adventure through time.


  • Marle’s jump animation just cracks me up. It appears whenever she’s excited about something and also when piece of equipment is equippable for her.
  • I’m enjoying the game so far. As of the “Queen is Gone” quest, only once did I succumb to using a walkthrough. That was because I didn’t know to use the piano to enter a dungeon. Other than that, everything else in the first three quests has been solvable, so credit to Square there.
  • After that, the game picked up with a sham trial against Crono, where he is convicted and thrown into a cell. Not only was there a fun escape sequence, but toward the end, Lucca shows up to try to save him. I like these characters so far. Apparently, different results are possible, and it’s based on actions both before and during the trial. I like how they did this.

Negatives: I seriously can’t come up with anything yet.


Wait…someone else has a B button? Where is it?
Who are “they” and why do they call this thing a cat?
Look at that sun hit the water. What graphics!
This is great, too. This animation is four generations leading up to Marle.
What a clever name the frog has.
It’s the first boss. Once I figured out Slurp was a healing technique, it was easy.
Eyes Cream. See?
Marle’s getting jumpy again after defeating a bunch of mushrooms.
My hunch is that Nintendo cleaned up this line. I could see at least two expletives being in there.
Lucca came down to save Crono…I really like the characterization of her.

Final Opinion: I seriously have had a Chrono Trigger disc sitting in my room for 20 years. What was I thinking by never playing it?

Completion: Up to the “Beyond the Ruins” quest

Grade: A

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