Parasite Eve


  • Review Date: July 14, 2021
  • Release Date: September 9, 1998
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Publisher: Square
  • Developer: Square
  • Genre: Adventure

Anecdotes: Square is known for its Final Fantasy series, which really set the standard for RPGs everywhere. Square, however, dabbled in other genres at times. Here, though, it really looks like they were trying to cross Metroid with Final Fantasy, and as a result, we get a game with an awesome heroine, but she grows through RPG statistic building instead of finding upgrades.

Description: NYPD officer Aya Brea attends a play on Christmas Eve. After the play, Aya realizes there is a parasite hanging around and she investigates the situation backstage, where she comes across an infected Melissa. Aya and her department look into the case to learn more about the mitochondria.


  • I know I complained about the fixed camera issue in Resident Evil, but there are two major differences here. First, Aya isn’t running from enemies. When an enemy shows up, Aya goes into battle mode where she can move around to avoid attacks. Second, and more importantly, Square did not use tank controls, which makes Aya a lot easier to move around.
  • Square does a nice job with details. Day 2 in the game is Christmas Day. The characters all know it’s Christmas. There is snow on the ground. The museum was closed. It all feels like a real Christmas Day.
Perfect. All the important information about her is on one screen.
  • I like what they did with Aya. During this era, Square was more open to female characters than many developers, and they mostly did a good job of not oversexualizing them or presenting them as objects. Aya, at least in this game, just seems to be another police officer that isn’t defined by being female.


  • I’m on Day 2, Christmas Day, and I’ve roamed the police station, Carnegie Hall, and a closed museum, but I still haven’t fought any enemies since day 1. The game seems to be a bit short on action.


Aya looks very “blocky” here, but that was the era. I would love to see this shot redone in HD.
It’s just a woman shooting a mysterious creature backstage at a play. Nothing to see here.
I love Square’s attention to detail. Aya is animated in mirrors and they got the days of the week correct as Christmas was a Thursday in 1997.
Sorry, I just had to post one last picture of Aya in the dress. It’s cute.
New day, new outfit. I like the realism of her changing clothes from the day before. I hope that keeps up.
I’m sure this is nothing but dodging and not answering questions.
Huh? He’s a cop. He wasn’t getting Christmas off, anyway. It’s part of the job.
And by “going nuts,” Cathy means “nothing happening except a guy standing in the hall.”
Aya works for the NYPD and they still won’t let her in?

My Progress: Day 2, Christmas at the police station

Final Opinion: Aya ay ay Aya…I’m liking her so far and I’m liking the game so far. The only flaw I’ve seen is the lack of enemies to fight.

Grade: B

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