Mega Man 8

Eight is enough.


  • Review Date: July 6, 2021
  • Release Date: January 17, 1997
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Linear Platformer

Anecdotes: I have painfully limped my way to the eighth game in this series and I’m seriously regretting putting all 11 games on my list. I’m beginning to hate the series and Capcom more and more with each passing game. I should have stopped after 5, but no, I had to keep going. 6 was mediocre. 7 was all right. 8 is trash.

Description: It’s Mega Man. We’ve seen this song and dance seven times already.

Positives: I didn’t get far enough to find any.

Negatives: I hate Capcom. For every gem they put out, like Resident Evil 2 or Section Z, they release frustrating garbage like this or Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. The Frost Man stage was about all I could tolerate. It’s fine to have Mega Man go down a sled. It’s fine to even make it hard. It’s fine to have a voice warn of jumps and slides needed. What’s not fine is having to repeat the whole sequence over and over. There’s no checkpoint and it just gets repetitive. The health bar means nothing when Mega Man keeps falling into holes.

By the way, why did Capcom stop putting the robot master names on the selection screen?


Great. I can play soccer to defeat robots.
Mega Man goes for a swim. Since when do robots and water mix?
This robot must have said “I don’t know.”
Here’s Grenade Man. I had an easy time with him, for a change.
As usual, there are giant holes in the road.
Here I go, sledding right into the ground.

My Progress: Stuck in Frost Man’s sledding section

Final Opinion: I hate this game.

Grade: D

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