Wild Gunman

“Wild” LOL there’s nothing wild about this game whatsoever.

Review Date: February 11, 2021

Release Date: October 18, 1985

Platform: NES

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Zapper

And I’m supposed to take this guy seriously?

Anecdotes: Yeah, we kids loved our Nintendo and its games. It was a fantasy world where we thought we were better than we really were. We had games figured out. We were good at them. That illusion totally vanished when Dad decided to grab the Zapper and school us on how it’s really done. We watched him just ripping apart Wild Gunman for two straight hours. The outlaws never stood a chance. By the way, what’s with the smiley face on the guy with the sombrero’s rear when he’s shot?

The sombrero guy shows us his smile.

Description: In A and B, wait for the outlaw to say Fire, then shoot him within the time limit. Game A has a single outlaw while Game B has them show up in pairs. In C, shoot anything that moves the second you see it.

Positives: The animations are good for a chuckle. The game does a good job of testing players’ reflexes.

Great, now there are two guys to deal with.

Negatives: This game is an absolute snooze and I don’t know how my dad played it for two hours. All three modes are played on a single screen and you’re shooting the same interchangeable guys over and over. It also doesn’t help that the outlaws never move when trying to shoot them. I was bored five minutes into Games A and B, and about 10 minutes into C.

This is a letdown, too. There are five doors on the screen, but the screen never changes and the same guys show up over and over.

Grade: D

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