Review Date: April 7, 2021

Release Date: December 1, 1988

Platform: NES

Publisher: Mindscape, maybe Tengen

Genre: ???

Anecdotes: I’ve never worked as a paperboy, but from playing this game, I now understand what the job is like. I didn’t realize that breakdancers practice right in the paperboy’s way. I didn’t realize that miniature tornadoes like to attack kids on bikes. I didn’t realize the Grim Reaper lives on a corner and will just stand it the way without attacking. I didn’t realize I would get to run an obstacle course at the end of the route. Maybe I should have applied for the job.

Description: An unnamed paperboy has to get through an entire week and not lose all of his subscribers. He has to deliver newspapers to their mailboxes or porches without breaking their windows. Meanwhile, there are obstacles everywhere that either need to be avoided or need to be whacked with a paper.

The game starts on Monday. Each game picks 10 of the 20 houses at random to be customers. This shot was taken before the non-customers were filled in.

Positives: First off, I appreciate how all non-subscriber houses are always red while subscribers are white or yellow. That way, players aren’t forced to guess which houses are good and which aren’t.

There is really only one tune, but it’s super catchy and easy to hum along with. It loops after about 15 seconds, but players probably won’t even notice.

Negatives: Because the paperboy has to move forward and is limited by the edges of the screen, the paperboy is limited on what directions he can move.

More Screenshots:

Naturally, there’s an obstacle course at the end of the block.
And all three people in the crowd are enjoying this!
Seriously? I’m just a paperboy. There’s no need to send Death after me.
Where did that tornado come from?
Yeah, I called it quits. I’m being followed by both a tornado and the reaper; I’m done.

Final Opinion: Paperboy is completely ridiculous, but in a fun sort of way. It’s that fun factor that bumps this up to a B.

Grade: B

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