Mega Man 2

To pose for this shot, Mega Man decided to remove his helmet and stand on top of a building. Ok, then.

Review Date: April 13, 2021

Release Date: June 1, 1989

Platform: NES

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Linear Platformer

Anecdotes: It’s time to revisit the Mega Man series. At this point, Mega Man really didn’t make a huge splash, nor did anything Capcom did. Their biggest hit at this point was probably Ghosts ‘N Goblins. Capcom saw something in Mega Man, though, so they wisely greenlit a sequel. The Mega Man team was given a second chance. They made a few changes to the formula, but the basic gameplay remains in tact.

Description: Mega Man is on another quest to defeat Dr. Wily. Mega Man has to defeat eight robots masters in their lairs before going up Dr. Wily’s castle. Let’s take a look at the robot masters:

-Air Man: This stage, like the others, is themed after the boss. It takes place in the clouds. It’s generally easy and I usually like to take him on first. Air Man himself is basically a giant fan. The guy really blows. He attacks using wind and tornados, neither of which are huge threats. Jump over the tornados and fire away with the Plasma Beam.

Air Man has his head in the clouds. Here, a “Huevo Dropper” drops a huevo on Mega Man, and when it cracks, a bunch of bugs come out.

-Bubble Man: Bubble Man lives in a real dive. His lair involves going in and out of the water and fighting frogs and shrimp. It’s also lined with spikes. Players battle Bubble Man in a giant pool. The Metal Blades will cut him down in seconds.

Soup can lids will hurt things badly in here.

-Crash Man: I’m not sure if it’s Clash or Crash, but Crash fits better, so I’m going with that. Crash Man’s stage is a climb into space. Players will have to deal with lots of Hard Hats and Huevo Droppers, but nothing too serious. I didn’t see Crash Man long because he can’t handle tornados in his face.

Hard Hats are a Mega Man tradition.

-Flash Man: Welcome to the freezer. Ice physics are everywhere here. Mega Man will be sliding all over the floors and controlling him isn’t as easy. Flash Man is equipped with a Time Stopper, but it doesn’t help him much. Just go in and shoot away with the Plasma Beam.

The coolest level in the game starts here.

-Heat Man: Mega Man has to run the inferno, yet somehow never melts. I save this stage for last because the Quick Boomerangs and Item 2 help out in here. Item 2 is essential to making this stage much easier, so make sure Air Man is done before this one. Heat Man is a giant lighter. The battle ends quickly if players make him eat Bubble Lead. I never once used the Atomic Fire he leaves behind.

Things are just getting heated up.

-Metal Man: His stage is full of conveyor belts, but it’s really easy. This stage shouldn’t give players much trouble, nor should Metal Man himself. Many guides suggest to do this stage first, but I did it second, although the Air Shooter is no help here. The basic weapon handles Metal Man with no problem.

Mega Man runs the conveyor belts.

-Quick Man: The worst thing about Quick Man’s stage are the death beams that emerge from the sides of the screen. There are two areas where they come out, so resist the urge to use the Time Stopper until the second wave of them. The Time Stopper also removes half of Quick Man’s health (14 bars), but it is required to finish the stage.

The beams are coming; Mega Man has NO time to dink around.

-Wood Man: Wood Man hangs out in the forests. The stage is full of various things one would find in the woods, but eventually, players will face off with the giant tree. I blasted him with the Air Shooter, but there are several ways to do it.

No. I’ll resist making some sort of rooster joke.


-The music is absolutely amazing. I really like the Flash Man and Crash Man themes, and somehow, Bubble Man’s theme gets stuck in my head, too. While not nearly as catchy, the later levels of the castle have some creepy music, but Capcom did a marvelous job of making things creepy in the final level by omitting background music entirely. I should mention that my screenshots are actually from the PS4 port of the game and that version has a feature where players can play any song they wish at any time.

-Among the changes made from the first game are the increase from 6 to 8 robot masters and removal of enemies in the pre-boss corridors. This prevents Mega Man from taking cheap shots on the way back to a boss after losing a boss battle.


Due to flickering, 3.5 of the Boobeam Traps don’t appear in the shot. It’s an awful boss.

-Let’s talk about the Boobeam Trap. The game decides to whip out fake floor in the second to last level of the game after not using them at all in the entire game. Then, after a cheap trap comes a cheap boss, the Boobeam Trap. There are 5 traps. The only way to defeat them is with the Crash Bombs. Mega Man only has 7, though, with a fully charged bar, and he must use ALL 7 because two of them are behind barriers. One miss is a loss. A less than fully charged bar is a loss. And, even worse, the game doesn’t place Mega Man outside the door if he loses. He has to repeat the second half of the stage again, but if the Crash Bombs aren’t refilled to at least 20 bars, the boss can’t be beaten.

More Screenshots:

Will the clerk call the roll?
Let’s start by getting some fresh air.
I was having fun, then this guy sucked the air out of the room.
From fresh air to heavy metal, these things are excellent for refilling health and ammunition. Players should always have full health before moving on.
Flash Man stands on his perch, but he won’t be there long.
This is a dark room that’s only visible because the enemy is a torch.
One touch of these beams and bye bye Mega Man.
Although the Metal Blade is the star of the bunch, the Quick Boomerang is a very good weapon and very useful as well.
It may look like a bomb, but that’s actually a bat on the right.
Bubble Man’s stage starts off with some platforming.
Wait, how is it possible to have a battle between two robots underwater?
First, it’s a simple rectangle. Second, it’s a loop with a few twists. Then it looks like this. This is the early part of Crash Man’s stage.
By the second half of Crash Man’s stage, Mega Man is in space, complete with stars in the background.
Riding Item 2 allows Mega Man to skip this dumb block puzzle. Don’t get tempted by that extra live, either.
I wasn’t kidding when I said Heat Man is a giant lighter.
This dragon can eat Boomerangs.
Moving on in the castle…
Oh, here’s a cheap trap. The game introduces fake floors one screen before this, then sticks one over a set of spikes.
Mega Man has to fight each boss a second time here.
What a creepy level.
Here’s the final boss. Bubble Lead was the only thing that worked for me.
Yuukichan’s Papa did the music? Nice work!

Final Opinion: The first half of the game is excellent, but then some flaws show up in the final levels. Between the surprise fake floors that serve no good purpose, the lack of weapon refills in the final level, and the 100% terrible Boobeam Trap, I have to knock the game down to a B.

Grade: B

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