Princess Minerva

This game gets on Minerva.

Game Data:

  • Review Date: June 23, 2021
  • Release Date: June 23, 1995 (I do believe this is the only game that fell on the anniversary of the release date.)
  • Platform: Super Famicom
  • Publisher: Vic Tokai
  • Developer: Riverhillsoft
  • Genre: RPG

Description: I seriously have no idea. The game was far more text heavy than I had realized and it’s entirely in Japanese. I can only do the Katakana, but there’s just too much Japanese for me to understand what’s going on.


  • Even without understanding most of the text, I can clearly see that Minerva moves quickly around towns and the overworld. This is a major improvement for cutting down play time by taking some of the filler out.


  • I only played the start, but I even I could see the blatant fanservice offered by this game. An early scene has all of the girls sitting around a pool. This scene reeks of something thrown in for no other reason than to draw the characters in their bikinis. It’s kind of like some of those YouTube girls/women that make sure that EVERY one of their videos take place in a pool, and they’re not swimmers or divers. There’s no reason for things like this. If there’s a legitimate reason for a pool scene here, then I apologize. However, I think it’s just fanservice.


Hey, isn’t that Sailor Moon on the left?
I wasn’t kidding about the pool scene…
The names I’m seeing are Rocroa, Mezuna, and Erin. Whoever they are, they were done one battle later.
I’m in the town of Shelmar, I think.

Final Opinion: Maybe it gets better. However, my issues with the language and fanservice loom large, so the start of this game is…..well…..bad.

Completion: Just started

Grade: D

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