I’m not sure if this game is closer to an F or a Zero, but it’s certainly not much better than either of those scores.

Review Date: May 9, 2021

Release Date: August 23, 1991

Platform: SNES

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Racing

Anecdotes: Well, folks, the streak is over. After covering five straight amazing games to start my reviews of 16 bit games, here I come to a game that isn’t as great. I get the idea of the game, which is a space race type time, but the gameplay just lacks any pizzazz.

Description: Racers can either practice tracks or race AI controlled vehicles in a Grand Prix. Players control a hovering vehicle, known as a car, as they race 5 laps around the track. There’s also a power bar on the screen; hitting the sides of the track or other cars reduces the bar. If the bar becomes completely empty, the car explodes and the player’s game is over. The bar can be slowly refilled, though, as the start of each lap has a pitstop-like area where cars can refill power.


-I like the inclusion of the power refill stations, which serve a similar role to pitstops. It presents drivers with an interesting choice. Do drivers keep going at full speed, when the car is tough to steer into the area, as well as getting less power back because they blasted through quickly, or do they slow down and/or stop in that zone to refill fully, but risk losing track position? There are cases where either can be a good idea.


-While the use of Mode 7 graphics did an excellent job of simulating rotation, each track still feels the same. The scenery isn’t anything to marvel over and it seems a lot of the tracks are played over water. Every track is just a concrete surface with lights on either side. There’s no possibility of offroading or even just going off the track.


I like that they used kilometers here. Many people don’t pay attention to the unit, and 457 km sounds more impressive than 286 mph, even though they’re the same speed.
Naturally, I’m already dealing with ice one minute into the game.
I’m on a roll now! I guess one could say I’m on fire.
I think this would have been better if it were called the Jack League, because that’s what I would win.
Hey, I’m learning. I’m hovering in second place, for now. I did manage to finish third in this race.

Final Opinion: I didn’t enjoy playing this at all. However, I am seeing some great technical advancements and it sure feels like this game laid the groundwork for Super Mario Kart. I like the presentation, but the gameplay left me bored.

Grade: C

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