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It’s very fitting that the last word of the official title is Rage.

Review Date: March 21, 2021

Release Date: February 1, 1988

Platform: NES

Publisher: LJN

Genre: Sports

Anecdotes: Here’s another game my brothers played all the time in their bedroom. However, they never really spent long sessions playing it and I barely ever saw them do the surfing. Now that I’ve tried to play, I understand why.

Description: Some animal on a skateboard runs the same course over and over, starting at an earlier point each time he completes it. There’s also surfing, but no normal person would be able to tolerate playing it.

Positives: The skateboarding rounds, although repetitive, can be fun. The obstacles vary, the backgrounds vary, and there are two ways to jump. There will be points where players are forced to jump, so going around the obstacles won’t always work. The rounds are timed, but gaining enough “life” will pause the clock. It works for a little while, but eventually players will notice it’s all the same course with a different starting point.

Negatives: The surfing sucks. Bland scenery, bad play control, and random obstacles…no thanks.

I could screenshot the surfing at any point, and it wouldn’t look much different than this.

Final Opinion: The surfing is awful. I’d give it an F, but it’s even worse than that. I give it a G for Garbage. The skateboarding is all right, but the fun likely won’t last too long. It’s worthy of a C. I guess that averages to an E? E, for some reason, isn’t part of the grading scale, so a D it is.

Grade: D

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