Pro Wrestling

Review Date: February 26, 2021

Release Date: March 1, 1987

Platform: NES

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Sports

Anecdotes: At this point, I am now getting into two of the best years in gaming: 1987 and 1988. I will be covering 42 games from those years, including a few classics that you’ll still find on Twitch today. Unfortunately, I don’t have proper streaming equipment, so my channel, with the same name as this website, has nothing unloaded. Anyway, I wasn’t a big WWE watcher as a kid, but now I watch all the time. I always played as Starman, who is billed from Mexico. The game entertained us a ton, but to this day, we still haven’t found what happens if the timer runs out.

6’3″, 200 lbs? Yeah, I’d have no chance against this guy.

Description: Choose a wrestler and wrestle. Win, then wrestle someone else.

Positives: Players can choose from six wrestlers. There are a variety of moves to do. Countouts are a thing and moves can be done off the ropes.

Negatives: This is why I don’t care for games of this genre. The game isn’t very interesting. I choose a wrestler. I start the match and found myself doing nothing but mashing buttons. Maybe I would win and maybe I wouldn’t. If I won, I’d do it again against a different wrestler.

My ears are ringing and I think I have pinned down why.

Final Opinion: Maybe others can get some fun out of this game, but I couldn’t. A lack of visuals and button mashing gameplay doesn’t work for me.

Grade: D

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