Goonies II

It’s fun to play the Goonies 2.

Review Date: March 14, 2021

Release Date: November 1, 1987

Platform: NES

Genre: Nonlinear Platformer

Anecdotes: In 1987, Konami released Goonies II for the NES. No mention was ever made to explain why there was a II at the end of the title. I had always assumed that the movie was I and the video game was the sequel to the movie. I had found out years later that I was wrong. Meanwhile, Nintendo was experimenting with guides and magazines to supplement the games. One of the earliest prints is The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide. While Nintendo was notorious for partial walkthroughs and stopping coverage right before the point where I needed the help, Goonies II was an exception. It had a complete, quality walkthrough with full room and house maps, plus it numbered the doors to make the game easy to understand. One day, I found that I had a scanner and wanted to test it out, so I scanned all eight pages of their walkthrough onto my old website. Those scans are now gone, but I have been able to find it elsewhere on the Internet.

The numbers from the guide will be used throughout the review as reference points. I will not be using the guide or the maps for this playthrough, though. I will be using my own handwritten notes listing what door to go to and why to go into it, so it looks like this: 5-Hammer, 6-Key Ring, 8-Sling Shot, 9 to 46, 41-Goonie 1, 46 to 9, 10 to 55, etc.

Ok, fine, but why is Eskimo here?

Description: Mikey has to roam around a house that closely resembles my grandparents’ house. It has underwater sections, an ice area, a volcano, a suspension bridge, creatures all over, blind old people, and Konamiman. Anyway, Mikey will be going to both the front and back of the house, using the 76 doors scattered across the map. Inside the doors are six Goonies to rescue and items needed to complete the game. Once he rescues the Goonies, he will need to find Annie, who is locked away behind door #24.

There’s a lot of information here, but best of all, there’s a map. The upper left has the items Mikey has equipped. The lower left shows which Goonies were rescued. Everything else should be self explanatory.

Positives: The lack of realism makes Goonies II far more entertaining than it has a right to be. It’s not realistic to have Konamiman hanging around to energize you, but it’s great. It’s not realistic to have to punch an old woman in the face five times and be rewarded with a candle, but it’s a lot of fun to do. It’s not realistic to bomb a wall to reveal a door and get speed shoes for it, but players will be glad they did. It’s certainly not realistic to have a volcano and an ice area near each other, let alone in the basement of a house. Exploration is a blast (sometimes literally). The wide variety of areas will prevent the game from getting boring.

Negatives: Really, the game is nearly perfect, but the only major problem is finding the right spots in the adventure rooms to hit and whether to use the hand or the hammer. Mikey will also need to use the glasses in unannounced spots. New players playing blindly will be using up a lot of time trying to punch, hammer, or use glasses in every room they enter. Another problem, although minor, that weaker players may run into is that a game over will cost Mikey his keys and the drop rate is painfully low.

More Screenshots:

The game starts Mikey near door 5, which holds the hammer. Mikey must take it.
Yes, I do, but my prescription would only make it harder for her to see.
How unappreciative, especially coming from the one that was stuck in the nice part of the house.
In NES games, waterfalls either harm heroes or hide rooms. This game has examples of both.
This is Goonie 2 of Goonies II. She’s inside door 17, right in the middle of the ice chamber. The poor girl could use a coat.
Well, at least she appreciates Mikey; some of the boys need to learn that.
Oh, I have something to do all right…
…Like punching her in the face five times to obtain a candle.
For those that have ever wanted to throw a boomerang at a walrus, here’s a photo.
I forget what those symbols mean, but I like their inclusion as they look like neon signs. This is door 53, which leads to the suspension bridge.
This has to be an expensive house.
Now it’s time to go for a swim/scuba dive, but the indoor pool is filled with crabs. Here, I take on a shark to farm for a key.
Another semi-appreciative Goonie. Can I shove him back into the cell?
Behind door 22, there is a ??? offering Mikey jumping shoes, which he can’t use right away because he’s scuba diving right now.
Now this is a quality heating system.
Video game logic. I’m not sure why the former would affect the latter. And what it that creature supposed to be?
Annie greets Mikey with open arms! Never mind the fact that she was safe in a locked fish tank and still is, plus she wouldn’t be able to walk if she gets out, but hey, she’s rescued!
Annie’s a big Konami fan, I see. She went home and played some Castlevania after this.

Grade: A

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