Adventure Island 3

Game Data:

  • Review Date: May 25, 2021
  • Release Date: September 1, 1992
  • Platform: NES
  • Developer: Hudsonsoft
  • Publisher: Hudsonsoft
  • Genre: Linear Platformer

Description: A half naked guy still is trying to hop around on all sorts of terrain. Anyone’s that’s played the first two games will have a pretty good idea of how to handle the third.


  • Everything was retained from II, except, thankfully, the Choose a Huevo game at the end of each stage. The good parts of the game were kept: the shorter stages, the dinosaurs, the variety of levels, etc.


  • It doesn’t seem like there’s any rhyme or reason to the stage layouts. One stage will be in the clouds, the next will be an ice area, and then one will be underwater. They would have been better off keeping the themes from II.
  • They still keep copying things from Super Mario and I have only seen one case where Hudson improved it (the dinosaurs). This time they had a waterfall level that pretty much plays just like 5-1 in Super Mario 2; it’s got everything except the Trouters and Birdo.


Higgins hops into the Toad House to select the items he has to start the stage.
It’s about time someone made a gaming level out of crossing Cicero Avenue.
This is the first boss, who is a bit tough to hit due to positioning.
I seriously don’t know how to suspend my disbelief for something as ridiculous as this.
Hudson decided that they didn’t rip off Super Mario 2 enough, so they essentially copied stage 5-1 and put it on island 2.

Final Opinion: Give it up, Hudson, and put some clothes on Higgins.

Grade: C

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