Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Review Date: May 13, 2021

Release Date: November 5, 1991

Platform: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Linear Platformer

Description: Pit is back for another adventure, which is very similar to the first. Pit will climb three underground stages, go left to right across three horizontal stages, climb three overworld stages, followed by a stage where he can fly. After each set of three mentioned, Pit will enter a fortress, which are maze oriented levels featuring different enemies and bosses at the end.


  • The Eggplant Wizards are much better placed than in the previous game. No longer will Pit get cursed and have to search around 10 screens to find a hospital. Pit will still have to find a hospital, but they’re no longer far away. There are even shortcuts that can used be used by cursed Pit to get to a hospital faster. One shortcut in 3-4, in a clever bit of design, requires Pit to get cursed to reach the boss.
  • Ratchet scrolling has been removed. In vertical levels, Pit can now fall with the only penalty being forced to climb back up. Pit can still land on spikes and lava pits, though, so falling isn’t a good idea. Pit can now drop down to a lower platform to reach a door, if needed.
  • The game is remarkably faithful to the original. The format is exactly the same (13 levels divided up the same way). The “secret” rooms have all of the same types (treasure, training, etc.). Many fortress rooms will look familiar.
  • Using hammers now does more than rescue useless Centurions. They still work on the statues, but they now may have hearts or health inside. They can remove statues that block doors. They can even uncover hidden doors, one of which I found via an in-game hint.


  • Clearly, the rooms were not designed to fit the size of the screen. Fortresses have a small amount of scrolling in each room. Vertical stages wrap around, but they’re certainly wider than a single screen. Special rooms scroll a bit, too, even the ones that only have one thing in them.
  • The system for arrow and life upgrades is back from the first game, but once again, the goals for life upgrades are not listed anywhere in the game. To make it worse, though, this game also hides the points racked up within a level so that players can decide if they want to go find more enemies or not. Instead, it offers the option of passing on a save point if desired, so that the stage can be replayed. I’d rather know if I’m close than replay a whole stage over.


Treasure rooms work just like before, but it’s tough to tell where the God of Poverty is.
And by “everything,” he/she means six items.
the ol’ Reaper is back, complete with minions.
Curse my life. I’m off to the hospital now.
Boss #1. This thing isn’t too tough.
Pit is blessed by the angels.
It’s nice that Pit doesn’t instantly die from spikes.
This Ahriman-like thing is the second boss. Once the pattern is recognized, it’s an easy win for Pit.
We’re off to the Overworld. Notice the use of textures to differentiate it from the underground.
Here’s the third boss. I still have to figure this one out.

Final Opinion: This is a fun play with minimal need to repeat things. The save system helps. It’s worth playing, especially for fans of the first game, who will instantly notice tons of things taken from that game.

Grade: B

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