Let’s jump right into this ribbeting, unfrogettable game.

Review Date: January 15, 2021

Release Date: October 23, 1981

Platform: Atari 800

Genre: Linear Platformer, allegedly

Anecdotes: This game really didn’t capture my attention too much and it seemed kind of annoying when I was little. The cartridge just sat in storage most of the time. However, we did play it and got the frogs home safely, but I can’t say this was a favorite in our house. Once the NES came out, the Atari became forgotten and nearly unusable. Then, in an homage to video games, the Muppet Babies did an episode that had Kermit spoof the concept. It was, of course, completely ridiculous in a cute Muppet Babies sort of way (especially the cars), but at least Kermit didn’t go splat.

Description: You control a frog who can move in four directions. The goal is to get each frog from the bottom of the screen to the top. Each frog will either go splat or reach a safe zone at the top of the screen. You are to put a frog in each safe zone. If you fill all five, they will be cleared and you start again on a harder level.

I found a pad for all five frogs, and an alligator showed up.

Positives: The music between rounds and games is catchy. There are two speeds and they’re just right. I really like how the game starts mixing in alligators and snakes after the first round. Personally, I like the “Fast” setting a bit better, as it actually forces me to be quick, but it’s not so fast that I can’t keep up.

Negatives: There is a big flaw in the scoring system. All jumps upward are worth 10 points, so I can jump up, back down, and up again for 20 points. If you’re playing for score, this can be abused.

Well, that car’s defrogger works!

Grade: B

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